This is a small typing game made in 24 hours for a friendly jam.

The theme was : TO CANCEL

Directed by Léo Marambat-Patinote and Martin Jacob (Nym and Permilias)

Graphics by Charline Hedreville and Sacha Rivière

This is our first game ! Share it with your friends if you enjoyed it !


Keyboard keys. That's it.

Music : Ghost Processional - Kevin MacLeod

All sounds found on - Free downloadable sounds !

Published Nov 16, 2016
AuthorMartin Jacob
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags24h, Casual, Fast-Paced, jam, keyboard, Magic, nym, one-hit-kill, permilias, typing


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Hey, this game is awesome!!!

I just want to know which language or game engine did you use to make this awesomeness.

Thank you for your kind comment !

We made the game using Game Maker 2.