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No Destination is a science-fiction management game with a retro-futuristic style !
How long can you survive in deep space ? You will live as long as you fend off asteroids and manage your resources effectively, but sometimes you will have to make hard choices...

MADE FOR LUDUM DARE 42 - Theme : Running out of Space

OUR SUBMISSION : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/no-destination


CEDRIC BAGEIN - Art, Sound/Music

MARTIN JACOB - Game Design, Programming, Sound

Huge thanks to SAMUEL BASSET for his help on balancing and additional programming.

We hope you enjoy our submission :)



In the game menu, select "TUTORIAL INCLUDED" to activate tutorials in game.

Mouse over the white help bubbles and various objects to learn about the game. Take your time !

Left Click to drag and drop Objects and Astronaut around the ship. Mouse Wheel to switch between Spaceship Mode and Combat Mode.

Fend off Asteroids in combat mode by shooting your laser, using left click. You can maintain the click for a more powerful laser.

In Spaceship mode, produce oxygen so that your crew won't run out, download and upload data to make your score higher, and use the other tools to acquire upgrades, more speed, and more !

If an asteroid hits you, you will lose one of the spaceship's rooms. You will run out of space over time : try to manage your resources  well.


Thank you for playing ! If you have any suggestion or bug report that you would like to address, please do so in the comments :)


NoDestination1.1.zip 24 MB

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